Monday, September 10, 2007

Pearing Down

Friends, countrymen, boozehounds, lend me your ear. I promise to give it back soon. 2 weeks ago I began my Pear and Ginger Liqueur project and today I strained and bottle it. For two weeks I let the following sit in a large sterilized glass jar :

1 liter of vodka
4 pears sliced with the skin and pits, two bosc pears and two red pears
1 2inch piece of Ginger, peeled and sliced
the peel of one lemon

Today, I strained out the solids through a fine sieve. I filtered the liqueur twice more, once through a coffee filter (as seen above) and once through a double layer of coffee filters. The coffee filters should always be wet first so they do not soak up too much of your liqueur. I then added 1 cup of sugar syrup* and then poured the mixture into 750 Ml bottles with caps. They will ages for 2 months more before they will be truly ready to drink. But can I wait that long? Well I will bloody well have to. It shan't taste so good before then. The taste now is quite sweet and cloying but the sugar will mellow over time and it will quite nice (hopefully)

* My sugar syrup is made from equal sugar to water. I usually mix up 2 cups of water and two cup of sugar and heat them to a boil stirring until the sugar dissolves. What I don't use for my liqueur making I will use later in cocktails. It stores nicely in a glass jar in the fridge.

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eviedee said...

You WILL post about the results of this, wont you? I am totally intrigued!